Must-Watch Vietnamese BL Drama

If you are looking for something new to watch or if you have already watched most of the Thai and Taiwanese BL series, you might want to consider binge-watching Vietnamese BL drama. Listed below are some of the best Vietnamese BL drama you should watch. It’s a combination of Vietnamese BL movie and BL series.

Must-Watch Vietnamese BL Drama

Goodbye Mother

First on our list is one of our favorite Vietnamese BL movies. Goodbye Mother will make you fall in love. The romance between Ian and Van felt real. The conflict presented was also realistic. It’s a touching film that will make you cry and laugh at the same time.

The story revolves around Nau Van and Ian. Van returns home after almost a decade in America on the death anniversary of his father. He brought Ian with him, an American born Vietnamese who is also his boyfriend for years. They went home to Vietnam to come out of Van’s family. They thought it would be easy but it wasn’t. Van’s family is pressuring him to get married and have children of his own. Little did they know that Van is in a relationship with Ian.

The OST of Goodbye mother is great. It’s now one of my favorite Vietnamese songs.

My Sky

My Sky is not for everyone. If you somehow like dark stories, then you might want to watch this. It started with a weird opening scene and then when everything is explained you’ll think that it will get a happy ending only to find out it will get darker.

My Brother

This is short but it’s sweet. The production is quite underwhelming but I had a good time watching this. The story revolves around Vu and Phong who are stepbrothers. Vu and his mother move to her new husband’s house and meet his son Phong. Vu tries to befriend him to please his mother but Phong doesn’t want anything to do with him.

Football Guys the Series

This is another short Vietnamese BL series. It’s only about 10 minutes per episode but I had a good time with this especially the first part. The second part was quite weird though.

Tien Bromance

Tien Bromance is a different kind of BL. It started as a horror/suspense series and then turned into action and drama. It’s probably the first Vietnamese BL with a huge budget. The first few episodes are quite ridiculous but the story gets better from episode 5.

Have you watched any of these Vietnamese BL drama? Let us know what you think in th comment section below.

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