A former member of the Soviet Union Republic, Uzbekistan is known for its mausoleums, mosques, and interesting sites along the Silk Road. It has a total land area of about 451,515 square kilometers. Its capital Tashkent is the largest in Central Asia with more than 2 million people.

Samarkand, Uzbekistan
Samarkand, Uzbekistan | Photo by Henrik Berger Jørgensen under creative commons

Key Facts About Uzbekistan

Location Located in Central Asia, north of Turkmenistan and Afghanistan
CurrencyUzbekistan Som
Currency Conversion1UZS = 0.00012USD
ClimateExtreme continental climate. It is generally warm in the south and cold in the north
Population32 million (2019 est.)
ReligionMostly Muslims
LanguageUzbek is the National Language

Top Tourist Attractions in Uzbekistan

  • Aral Sea
  • Registan Square
  • Gur-e-Amir
  • Shah-i-Zinda
  • Amir Timur Museum
  • Kyzylkum Desert
  • Lake Charvak
  • Nuratau Mountains
  • Chor Minor
  • The Walled City of Khiva
  • Palace of Khudayar Khan
  • State Museum of History of Uzbekistan
  • Itchan Kala
  • Gur Emir Mausoleum

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