Top Tourist Attractions in Yala Province, Thailand

Thailand has always been a favorite tourist destination for those who want something more exotic but still budget-friendly. While most flock to Bangkok in Central Thailand some are recently discovering the underrated attractions in Yala Province

Featured Photo: Wat Phutthathiwas, Yala Province | Photo by: Witsanu R

What is interesting in Yala Province is that the resources you find online do not do justice the beauty of the place. Everyone leaves here have their expectations reached and surpassed. Now, let us talk about some of the known and should-be-known attractions in Yala Province, the province at the bottom-most of Thailand.

Top Tourist Attractions in Yala Province

Betong Hot Springs

The first place you visit often sets the mood for the rest of the trip. We are sure that Betong Hot Springs will give you a good first impression of the province of Yala. Located at the town of Betong, you can enter the place for free and have a quick dip in the hot springs.

Wat Khuhaphimuk

Also called Wat Na Tham which means “temple in front of a cave,” is a well-maintained cave which is just 8km from Yala City. Inside, you will see a place of gathering with Buddha statues surrounding it. You may experience an eerie feeling given the cave’s mystical vibe. 

City Pillar Shrine

Established in May 1962, the City Pillar Shrine is one of the attractions in Yala Province that has a rich religious and cultural history. The design will immediately tell you of the building’s royalty. The gold carvings and various emblems make this site a unique must-visit place.

Bang Lang National Park 

If you want to see the raw and primal beauty of Thailand, you should visit Bang Lang National Park. It was declared as a national park on February 24, 1999, and until today, its watershed feeds water to many vital rivers. Inside the park, you can see the rhinoceros hornbill, Sumatran rhinoceros, and many other rare species. The Bang Lang Dam, an important water reserve in the country, is also found inside. 

Yala Central Mosque

When visiting the Yala Central Mosque, you should remember that this is a place of worship so always be cautious and respectful of your movements. It is a large structure with a clean gray exterior and a green dome at the top. There are also a lot of local shops outside for your souvenirs. 

Suan Khwan Muang

Another park is the Suan Khwan Muang which is more family-friendly. It is an 80-acre park which has a large pond which you can rent a small kayak to roam around. A lot of chairs fronting the pond and surrounded by pine trees make up for a nice afternoon stroll or picnic. 

Hala – Bala Wildlife Sanctuary

If you are the more adventurous and curious type, the Hala-Bala Wildlife Sanctuary has a lot to offer in terms of wildlife sightings. A lot of birdwatchers visit the area with their binoculars and cameras to take photos of birds not found elsewhere in the world. Make sure to keep your eye for the elusive birds like Giant Pitta, Javan Frogmouth, Rail-babbler  Chestnut-naped Forktail, and Garnet Pitta.

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