Top Tourist Attractions in Satun Province, Thailand

Satun Province is one of the smallest provinces in Southern Thailand at the border of Perlis, Malaysia. Its location makes it mingle two distinct and vibrant cultures of neighboring countries. The province is famously known for its beautiful virgin islands, abundant forests, deep lakes, and steep mountains.  

Featured Photo: Tammalang, Mueang Satun District, Satun, Thailand | Photo by under creative commons

Satun Province provides the most relaxing island to visit if you are planning to travel for leisure and relaxation. That said, here are the top seven tourist attractions in Satun that you should not miss:

Top Tourist Attractions in Satun

Satun National Museum

Satun National Museum is also known as Ku-Den Museum. It was built as the house of former governor of Satun, Phraya Phuminatphakdi in 1902. It was also the city hall at that time. Today, the old home of the governor has been converted into a museum displaying several antiques, artifacts, and artwork by local artists. 

Satun National Museum
Satun National Museum | Photo by Oatz under creative commons

Masjid Mambang

Masjid Mambang is also commonly known as  Satun Central Mosque or Masayit Mambang. It is very accessible to visit as it is at the city center of the province. Because of its modern Islamic architecture, many locals and tourists come to this place to tour around and pay respect. It also has golden domes, three-tier roofs, and decorations made of glazed tiles, glass, and marbles.

Wat Chanathip Chaloem

Wat Chanathip Chaloem, as one of the tourist attractions in Satun, is the first Buddhist temple in the town in the year 1882. The first floor is the preaching hall, while the second floor is where religious practices of Buddhist monks were held. Its architectural design is different from the existing Wat in the province. This two-story building is in Thai-style, while the others use the typical gold and one-story design. 

Thale Ban National Park

Thale Ban National Park is a tropical rainforest with pine as the most prominent species. You can also see a freshwater lake inside that preserves many species of freshwater fish, including shellfish. You may fish in the lake or just chill and read a book at the pavilion overlooking the breathtaking view of the park!

Thale Ban National Park
Thale Ban National Park | Photo by KOSIN SUKHUM under creative commons

Pha Chado Viewpoint

Pha Chado Viewpoint is located at La-ngu District, Satun Province. Locals and tourists widely visit the place for the beautiful view of the sea in Koh Adang. You can also observe the tropical forest of pines and other peach-sand beaches. Indeed, the view that this place gives is worth all the ride!

Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls

The Wang Sai Thong Waterfalls are for the eyes only if you are not physically ready to get there. The waters flow through limestones, which make it the most picture-perfect scenery in the waterfalls. If you are brave enough, you can attempt to go there but the trek might be quite difficult.

Phetra Islands National Park

The Phetra Island National Park is noted as one of the tourist attractions in Satun for many reasons. The park covers mangrove and coastal forests and 22 islands scattered around the park. All islands are uniquely beautiful on its own. 

Ko Phetra from Ko Lao Liang Nuea
Ko Phetra from Ko Lao Liang Nuea | Photo by Lerdsuwa under creative commons

You can also hire a boat to explore the island and try activities like snorkeling to see the corals underwater. As they say, there’s no dull moment when visiting the Phetra Islands National Park!

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