Top Tourist Attractions in Ranong Province, Thailand

The locals describe Ranong Province in three words: rural, remote, and rainy. It is situated along the Andaman Coast which shares a border with Burma. The rainy season in the province typically lasts for eight months every year, which is the reason why the area was identified as the wettest place in Thailand

Indeed, unwinding in a remote yet beautiful province is the best way to start with a new adventure! Here are the six attractions in Ranong that you should visit:

Top Tourist Attractions in Ranong

Namtok Ngao National Park

The Namtok Ngao National Park is one of the preserved areas in the province of Ranong. It features several waterfalls such as the stunning Nam Tok Bang Rin, Nam Tok Klog Pera, and Ngao Waterfall. Another famous attraction in the park is the Bo Nam Ron Pon Rung, a hot spring that has 13 wells. It has complete bathing facilities that offer relaxation to visitors!

Ngao Waterfalls | Photo by Sucha Kittiwararat under creative commons

Koh Phayam

Koh Phayam, one of the tourist attractions in Ranong, is a small paradise that is perfect to rest in after a long day of travel. You can enjoy the cool sea breeze with a book on hand, or go swimming, sunbathing, and laying down on the firm sand. 

Koh Phayam
Koh Phayam | Photo by Visions of Domino under creative commons

Koh Phayam also offers a rich rainforest where you can spot hornbills and monkeys. Rubber and cashew nut farms are rampant in the place! Visiting them adds up to the great experience in the province.

Ranong Canyon

Previously a mine, the canyon was filled with water after the former workers hit a spring. After that, carp fishes were cultured to make the place more beautiful. Tourists are allowed to throw fish food on the waters, which makes the carps cute and fat! 

Most travelers widely visit Ranong Canyon, both local and foreigners, to find a picnic spot with family and friends. It is usually visited after travelers swim in Raksawarin Hot Springs.

Rattanarangsan Palace

Just up the hill from Rueangrat Road, the Kamlangsap Road is where the Rattanarangsan Palace is located. It was opened as a museum in 2016 with the eye-catching and marvelous structure of large entrances, halls, and rooms. Inside the palace, you can also see photos and watch videos that tell the rich history of the province. 

Going inside the palace has a fee of 100 baht, but you can still visit the large park fronting the palace for free.

Punyaban Waterfall

The clear mountain waterfall of Punyaban is widely visited by families. Adults have higher slopes and waterslides, while kids have small and mini slopes that can slide on. During holidays and weekends, many locals flock to swim in the waterfall to freshen up and picnic!

Punyaban Waterfall
Punyaban Waterfall | Photo by ttaponlim under creative commons

Raksawarin Hot Springs

Raksawarin Hot Springs is one of the most popular attractions in Ranong town. Locals and tourists can enjoy dipping their feet into public pools, try a luxurious bath, or relax in the nearby Phoemphon River. The Raksawarin Hot Springs is also the best place to visit if you are too tired to perform strenuous activities and just wish to relax and contemplate!

Raksawarin Hot Springs
Raksawarin Hot Springs | Photo by Natthaporn3809 under creative commons

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