Top Tourist Attractions in Trang Province, Thailand

Located along the Andaman Coast, Trang Province has been drawing a lot of local and foreign tourists for its pretty and uncrowded beaches. It also takes pride in waterfalls, caves, and other coastal scenery.

Featured Photo: Hat Chao Mai National Park | Photo by Khunkay under creative commons

Plenty of tourists also come visiting the top attractions in Trang Province like national parks and conservation centers that are rich in an unforgettable cultural experience. Are you planning to visit soon? Here are seven tourist attractions in Trang Province that should be on your list:

Top Tourist Attractions in Trang Province

Koh Libong

Koh Libong is the biggest and a secret island in Trang Province. It is packed with white sand, clear waters, and the most breathtaking view. You can rent a bike and go around the place where small beaches, rolling hills, and other hiking trails can be discovered. If you’re lucky, you can also see the dugong or sea cow, an endangered marine mammal in Thailand.

Koh Libong Beach
Koh Libong Beach | Photo by Hanumann under creative commons

Thung Khai Botanical Garden

One of the attractions in Trang Province is the Thung Khai Botanical Garden. It is a lowland jungle with several rare plants and trees being taken care of local conservationist groups. The jungle has a canopy walk, which increases its level as you pass through it. All levels reveal a different kind of flora and fauna.

Thung Khai Botanical Garden
Thung Khai Botanical Garden | Photo by 2T under creative commons

Khao Kop Cave

Khao Kop Cave is for outdoor lovers. The caves are clean and spectacular with varying lights of red, yellow, and green, each emphasizing the unique areas. You can see the Elephant Foot Stalagmite, the Dragon’s Belly, thousands of mini stalagmites, and large stalactites along the way. 

Pak Meng Beach

Pak Meng Beach is the most developed beach in Trang Province. It is a 5-kilometer crescent-shaped long beach with several nearby islands. This is proof that you surely won’t get a dull view of photos. Visit the place to relax and enjoy fresh seafood from different bars and restaurants!

Pak Meng Beach
Pak Meng Beach | Photo by ::::=UT=:::: under creative commons

Hat Chao Mai National Park

Hat Chao Mai National Park is a marine national park, which covers two districts: Kantang and Sikao. It is a 20-kilometer coastline having rare fishes and marine mammals being taken care of by conservationist groups. The park is also paralleling Trang’s beaches, so getting the view of several islands is possible. The park also features the Marine Natural Study Center. 

Hat Chao Mai National Park
Hat Chao Mai National Park | Photo by Marcin Konsek  under creative commons

Khao Chong Wildlife and Conservation Centre

Khao Chong Wildlife and Conservation Centre is Thailand’s first wildlife venue, with unique and challenging trails. It has several streams, trees, and waterfalls of Ton Noi, Ton Yai, and Ka Chong. The exhibit inside the building also features natural reserves of the province. 

Wat Tantayaphirom

The last on the list of top attractions in Trang Province is the Wat Tantayaphirom. It is a big white and gold stupa temple which features a footprint of the Buddha. This is also the reason why Wat Tantayaphirom made it as one of the biggest Buddhist temples in Thailand. Just 500 meters north from Trang station, Wat Tantayaphirom is one of the religious temples that speaks a lot about the locals’ stories of faith.

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