A Taste of Tbilisi: The Top Tourist Attractions in Georgia’s Capital

Back in 2003, Tbilisi took the world stage due to the “Rose Revolution”. But it’s come a long way from this, and it has made its way back to the tourists’ hearts thanks to its innately beautiful character — a mix of colorful heritage and rich natural scenes. Get the most out of the Georgian capital with some of the top tourist attractions in Tbilisi!

Top Tourist Attractions in T’bilisi

Narikala Fortress

Located between flourishing gardens and the region’s iconic sulphur baths, this ancient fortress offers a superior view of the Mtkvari River and the capital itself. Established in the 4th century, one of the best sights here is the church (a modern replica of the original 13th century structure) that shows beautiful and historical frescoes.

Narikala Fortress - one of the Top Tourist Attractions in T'bilisi
Narikala Fortress | Photo by Alexxx1979 under creative commons

Mother Georgia Sculpture

Locally known as the Kartlis Deda, this was erected back in 1958, on the occasion of Tbilisi’s 1500th Anniversary. The aluminum statue, wearing a typical Georgian costume, holds a welcoming bowl of wine and a defending sword in either hand — symbolic of Georgia’s character.

Sameba Cathedral

Also known as the Holy Trinity Cathedral, this beautiful structure is one of the top tourist attractions in Tbilisi. Completed in 2004, it is one of the largest religious buildings in the world, combining traditional Georgian styles and Byzantine influence. The design of the church was the winner from more than a hundred designs submitted, and the church is considered the pinnacle of the Georgian spiritual revival.

Paliashvili Opera House

This distinctive building on Rustaveli is notable for its Moorish architecture melded with European and Asian styles. But even more than the exterior, this restored building houses some of the best shows this side of the country. The best part is that the tickets won’t punch a hole through your wallet!

Paliashvili Opera House
Paliashvili Opera House | Photo by henribergius under creative commons

Rustaveli Avenue

Rustaveli is, on its own, a sight to behold. It also houses some of the top tourist attractions in Tbilisi. The biggest cinema in Georgia, Rustaveli Cinema, is also here. About 1.5 kilometers in length, the street also houses museums, hotels, religious places, and academic institutions.

Rustaveli Avenue
Rustaveli Avenue | Photo by Kober under creative commons

Peace Bridge

This pedestrian bridge is a remarkable structure made of steel and glass, shining under the light of more than 1,200 LED bulbs. The bridge spans the Kura River, and is remarkable for being extremely energy efficient despite its many lights. The power line is a 24V DC connection, and each bulb consumes only 8W. Each light is also triggered by motion sensors as you pass — make sure to take time to cross this bridge!

Peace Bridge
Peace Bridge | Photo by George Mel under creative commons

Rike Park

Rike Park is known for its peaceful ambiance and its remarkable views. It’s the perfect place in Tbilisi for an early morning or an afternoon stroll, or a quiet time on a bench with a cup of coffee or tea. If you’re going for a morning jog, this is also your spot!

Rike Park
Rike Park | Photo by Levan Gokadze under creative commons

Tbilisi is an interesting place, filled to the brim with historical places and modern conveniences. Take a day or two to explore it and I guarantee you’ll have your share of amazing memories!

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