Top Tourist Attractions in Phatthalung

Phattalung may not be a famous destination of the crowd, yet this lesser-known province is still a touristic glamor for a few backpackers. It may not be a gem if you’re into island hopping, but it can always fill your travel with the country’s rich history and tradition! If you plan to travel to this province, here are the 7 top tourist attractions in Phatthalung that should be on your bucket list:

Featured Photo: Phanang Tung, Khuan Khanun District, Phatthalung, Thailand | Photo by กิตติ เลขะกุล under creative commons

Top Tourist Attractions in Phatthalung

Khao Ok Thalu

Khao Ok Thalu, one of the top tourist attractions in Phatthalung, is an unusually-shaped mountain located in the east of the Phatthalung. To get there, you have to go through a flight of stairs to the mountaintop where the Buddhist shrine is located. This is also where you can see the rest of the Phatthalung beauty from atop. 

Khao Ok Thalu
Khao Ok Thalu | Photo by Peter in s under creative commons

Thale Noi Bird Sanctuary

Thale Noi Bird Sanctuary is the most abundant bird sanctuary in Thailand, which shelters approximately 200 species of birds. Some of these include the Pheasant-tailed jacanas, great cormorants, white-breasted waterhens, and more. If you are a serious bird enthusiast, you can apply for a separate tour option, which gives you a unique interactive experience with the birds and the surrounding vibrant plant life.

Wat Khuha Sawan

The Wat Khuha Sawan tells a lot of stories about being the first religious shrine in Thailand. It houses evidence from Srivijaya-era votive tablets, engraves left by King Rama V, down to the famous bell-shaped chedi. Further into the place is an entrance to a large cave, Tham Khuha Sawan, with Buddha images surrounded by bright flowers and garlands. 

Phraya Thukkharat (Chuai) Monument

This monument is considered as one of the essential destinations in Phatthalung. It is named after the monk PhraMahaChuai who stayed in Phatthalung during the reign of King Rama I. He fought with the villagers against the Burmese forces and was given a higher rank equal to the city lord. To honor his bravery and loyalty to the people, the municipal constructed the monument named after him.  

Khao Chai Son Hot Springs

The Khao Chai Son Hot Springs have waters of 60 °C, which tourists love the most. It has individual bath cabins and a main pool where you can swim and relax. You can also enjoy a perfect view of the horde of monkeys on the site. In the near time, the municipal is will renovate the area to attract more tourists in the region. 

Pa Phai Sang Suk Market

Also known as Talat Pa Phai Sang Suk market, the Pa Phai Sang Suk Market is widely visited both by tourists and locals for practicing zero-waste scheme in the entire market. The vendors do not use plastic containers in packaging beverages and food. Instead, they use natural materials like lotus and banana leaves, coconut shells, and many more. The market is also strict in sorting garbages into separate bins and use the collected biodegradables to organic fertilizers.

Khao Pu-Khao Ya National Park

The Khao Pu-Khao Ya National Park, noted as one of the many top tourist attractions in Phatthalung, is called locally as Bha Brommajan or Virgin Forest. Steep mountains surround it with a diverse ecosystem. Inside is a mangrove forest, rain forest, vibrant wildlife, and other species. You are allowed to go camping and hiking and stroll around its land of stunning natural beauty.

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