Exploring Tehran: 7 Top Tourist Attractions in the Iranian Capital

Iran might not sound like an ideal tourist destination if you’re listening to international news. But trust me, its capital Tehran offers an amazing array of attractions that you shouldn’t miss! Here are the top tourist attractions in Tehran for your pleasure.

Top Tourist Attractions in Tehran

Imamzadeh Saleh

This mosque is located in the Tajrish Square, and is so named because it contains the remains of Saleh, the son of one of the Twelve Imams who succeeded Mohammed in propagating the Islamic teachings. It is one of the more popular mosques in Tehran, and its significance is increased by the fact that various scholars and political figures (particularly Prime Ministers) had been buried here.

7 Top Tourist Attractions in Iran
Imamzadeh Saleh | Photo by Bernard Gagnon under creative commons

Grand Bazaar

This historic bazaar is characterized by several corridors, each measuring more than 6 miles in length. True to its nature, one can enter and browse the vast variety of goods through the many portals around the bazaar. There are also mosques, banks, and even guest houses in the bazaar! A good portion of the bazaar is said to have been existent since the 15th century, but that does not mean progress is far-flung — it is connected to the rapid transit system, which facilitates travel.

Grand Bazaar
Tehran’s Grand Bazaar | Photo by Ninara under creative commons

National Museum of Iran

This National Museum is one of the most frequented tourist attractions in Tehran. It is a combination of two complexes, the Museum of Ancient Iran and the Museum of the Islamic era. Together, these two complexes contain priceless relics of ancient Iran, from pottery to textiles and even some rare books of the time. Some of the oldest exhibits here come from the late Stone Age, making them more than 30,000 years old!

National Museum of Iran
National Museum of Iran | Photo by Ondřej Žváček under creative commons

Milad Tower (Borj-e Mīlād)

Also known by the name “Tehran Tower”, this building stands as the 24th tallest freestanding structure in the world (and 6th tallest among similar towers). The Milad Tower is 435 meters high, and the lobby itself is already six floors high! Take time to check out its revolving restaurant, and its art gallery.

Milad Tower
Milad Tower | Photo by saeed.asadi.koroliya under creative commons

Azadi Tower (Borj-e Āzādi)

Also known as the “Freedom Tower”, this is one of the landmarks of the Iranian capital and also marks the western border of the city. This is a part of a wider cultural complex, and as such contains an underground museum. The structure has a special significance, as it marks the 2,500th year of Iran as a state. The place is a famous gathering area for both celebrations and protests.

Azadi Tower
Azadi Tower | Photo by Blondinrikard Fröberg under creative commons

Park-e Jamshidieh

Located at the base of the tourist-frequented Kolakchal mountain, this is one of the finer nature points in Iran. This was first created as a private garden, dedicated to the empress of Iran. The 16-hectare expanse was then opened to the public in 1977. Aside from the usual points found in these gardens, an interesting point is the group of traditional teahouses that represent Iran’s cultural and ethnic diversity.

Park-e Jamshidieh
Park-e Jamshidieh | Photo by Kasir under creative commons

Golestan Palace

This palace, now a UNESCO World Heritage Site, is part of a group of royal buildings that comprise the city’s citadel. Now open to the public, this is a mesmerizing collection of arts and crafts amidst gardens and amazing architecture. Ogle at the stately Marble Throne, the hypnotic Pond House, and the jaw-dropping arrangement of the Mirror Hall. And of course, how can anyone miss the Edifice of the Sun?

Golestan Palace
Golestan Palace | Photo by mostafa kharrazu under creative commons

The Iranian capital is a rich place, and the top tourist attractions in Tehran are some of the best places to see on this side of the globe. Check them out, to see is to believe!

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