15 Top-Rated Thai BL Series

Sawasdee! Thailand is a powerhouse when it comes to Boys’ Love series. It has produced some of the best BL series to date. Some of the most popular Thai BL series are well-known not just in Asia but across the world. This is our list of the 15 Top-Rated Thai BL Series you should start watching now.

The Best Thai BL Series of All Time

15 Love Sick

Love Sick: The Series is an adaptation to the original Thai Boys’ Love novel Love Sick: The Chaotic Lives of Blue Shorts Guys written by INDRYTIMES. It was aired in Thailand in 2014 and it stars Captain and White. It’s about fake boyfriends turned into real lovers.

14 Make It Right

Make it Right is a 2016 Thai BL series based on the popular novel of the same title. It follows the adventures, misadventures, and love lives of a group of high school students. The lead roles were played by Peak and Boom. It features the cute love story of Fuse and Tee, two old friends who got drunk and ended up sleeping together.

13 Bangkok Love Story: Innocence

Innocence has a special place in my heart. It’s basically the first BL series I watched. I was on a plane back then and I got hooked so it opened my interest in BL. It features stories of different couples, one of them is the story of Keaton and Simon.  Some scenes were quite boring so I skipped it but the whole series is quite entertaining, so, yes it is worth watching.

12 What The Duck

I heard from a friend that he cried over this Thai BL series so I watched it, too. This is one of the very few BL series with a sad ending. I was prepared to cry but it didnt put me to tears. I wasn’t a fan of Oat’s character.

11 Why R U?

Why R U started good and went a little crazy towards the middle episodes. There were just so many things going on that I was left wondering where the series is actually heading. But anyway, it’s still a good series but the storyline could have been better. 

10 Love By Chance

I am not a fan of Pete and Ae’s characters, I am more of a TinCan fan. I feel like their love story and characters are far more interesting than the main couple. I got excited when I heard that there is a second season which will focus on Tin and Can’s love story. Unfortunately, I probably expected too much.

9 He’s Coming To Me

I haven’t heard a lot about He’s Coming to Me and I feel like it is an underrated BL series. The plot is quite different from the usual Thai-made series. The storyline is interesting, although I really didn’t see the chemistry between Singto and Ohm. Maybe because I am a SingKrist Fan. Hahaha

8 Together With Me

Together With Me is probably one of the most steamy BL series I’ve watched. The chemistry between Korn and Knock is on point. The presence of  Yihwa also made it more interesting. I wish I have a Yihwa in my life and I am pretty sure you want her in your life, too! Hahaha. Anyway, what I didn’t like is Plern. She’s a toxic antagonist that made Knock stupid. Like wtf!

7 Theory of Love

The Theory of Love is one of the most relatable Bl series I’ve watched. It’s about unrequited love which is very familiar to most of us. I know most of us do not get a happy ending but Third and Khai got theirs so I am happy for them. LOL. The most amazing thing about Theory of Love is its OST. It is one of the best in all series I have watched, especially Getsunova’s Fake Protagonist.

6 2 Moons The Series

The tandem of Bas and God in 2 Moons The Series is just so adorable. When I learned that they have been replaced for the second season, I was sad. To me, they are perfect for the roles. The acting needed improvement but their chemistry is captivating.

5 Dark Blue Kiss

Tay and New is such a phenomenal BL couple. They perfectly blend as a couple. If you want a background of how Pete and Kao’s story started, you should watch Kiss Me Again first. I wish we have Pete’s father and Kao’s mother who fully accept their son’s choices unconditionally. Dark Blue Kiss is a gem when it comes to BL series. I hope we’ll see more of Pete and Kao.

4 2Gether The Series

2gether the series is probably the most talked-about Thai BL series of all time. Thanks to Bright and Win who gave justice to their roles as Sarawat and Tine respectively. 2Gether catches the hearts of many people even of those who are very new to the BL world. You can watch the complete season here.


Okay, first I am a fan of Singto and Krist. Their chemistry is undeniably amazing. Even if Sotus has very limited kissing scenes and no bed scene at all, it is still one of my favorite series. The story isn’t complicated and it’s easy to follow. You’ll definitely enjoy each episode of Sotus. 

2 Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again has quite a unique plot with exceptional acting and tackles social issues we are currently facing like love, friendship, suicide, homophobia, among others. It’s basically a story about love, forgiveness, and the pain in between. I super love the tandem of Ohm and Fluke here. The side characters are equally interesting making it one of the best Thai BL series of all time.

1 TharnType

Mew and Gulf’s chemistry is one of the reasons TharnType is my number  1 Thai BL series. I know there are dark scenes in the series, but I do not overthink.  There are some toxic scenes but, overall, it’s still one of the best BL series that is worthy of binge-watching. It gets a second season and it’s airing next month. I am excited. Are you?

Are you a BL lover? What’s your favorite BL series? Let us know in the comment section below. If we miss something that is worthy to be on this list, please mention the title and well check them out.

10 thoughts on “15 Top-Rated Thai BL Series”

  1. However much I do love Tharntype, and fell for the most intoxicating smile of Mew, I think until we meet again should rate higher. Mostly, I think, its the story outline, the anti-reincarnation force that’s played out so masterfully, mostly by Fluke (as his part of those sleepless nights are more depicted in the story), but painfully played out when they happened as forceful to Ohm. This story is a gem! The pain from past live is so vivid! Korn is THE perfect Greek semi-god who is a still character, but found a way to keep his character alive! Earth is the perfect Faun, who’s seeking love and won’t anyone get in his way. As far as I can grasp, the only flaws are the uneven first episode where Samantha Melanie is too obvious, and the sexual scenes, where the book is explicit in the actions, and frolicking in the after scenes, where here the scenes are uneven, and the after scenes in there frolicking get hopelessly confusion, except if you read the book.

  2. I agree with number 1 and 2 on this list completely! Tharntype is awesome BL series that shows both the romance and the passion of BL. It is the best series and exploring the physical relationship as well as the emotional with some steamy scenes.

    Until we meet again is an emotional roller coaster that will have you crying within minutes then laughing and smiling. I can’t stress how good the acting is in this series, it is award worthy! The flow of the show is consistent and you want to watch the next episode one after another! It also introduce a new couple that they are doing a spin off of. Win and team will have their own show exploring there affection for each other.

  3. On number 1-5 I agree with you. I love their stories, their character and the chemistry between the couples in the series. Especially to love by chance, I agree with you that the tincan couple is more interesting. But for me, why are you at the higher level than 11, because I also really like the chemistry between the fighttutor and saifahzon

  4. i really like love by chance idk why
    and guess what…. saint and perth is no longer a couple because of perth’s manager… and i just watched the series i 2021 🙁

  5. A tale of a thousand stars is like Sotus, no bed scenes but it makes you feel loved. I didn’t get the chance to watch Tharntype so here’s my list.. One is Until we met again- the chemistry though,,, I find it amazing how individual fell in love. second is Sotus- if I haven’t watch UWMA first, i think sotus will be my first but nahhh I liked KristSingto… third is Oxygen the series, I fell inlove with them because status in life doesn’t matter, no matther what course you’d like to get, no matter how far you can go love and passion will find you…. fourth is Cause’ You’re my Boy- Yeah i admit it I kind of don’t like drake in 2gether bcoz he wanted Tine, but when i watched Muy tee, I kind of reminded how childhood sweethearts stay in our hearts. and 5th is A tale of a thousand stars, i wanted more of them hahaha i just wanted more intimate scense eith earthmix, just that. Lol hahaha… What do you guys think about my opinion?


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