A Tale of 1000 Stars: Stream it or Skip it?

A Tale of 1000 Stars has just ended. It’s a Thai BL series aired earlier this year. It stars Earth Pirapat Watthanasetsiri as Chief Phupha, a forest ranger and Mix Sahaphap Wongratch as Tian, a volunteer teacher. It was supposed to be aired in 2020 but due to the pandemic, the taping was delayed and the air date was moved to 2021.

A Tale of 1000 Stars has 10 episodes and its available on YouTube via GMM TV’s channel.

The pilot was promising and lived up to my expectations. The chemistry between Earth and Mix was undeniably on fire. This was Mix’s first major acting gig and he did a good job. Earth was great too, as expected. Both of them made this series lovable.

One thing I like about A Tale of 1000 Stars is its lack of toxic antagonists. There was no toxic ex-girlfriend or another boy that tries to ruin a relationship. There was also no side couple which has both an advantage and disadvantage. The story was so focused on Tian and Phupha that it kinda gets dragging towards the middle end.

Another thing that I love about this BL series is the OST. I had to play it several times over and over again. It’s meaningful and it pleases my ears.

I personally think that they could have explored Nammon’s character. I mean aside from the fact that he’s hot, I think he could have helped the series more interesting. But, it’s just me. I really just find him adorable on screen. I think Nammon is ready for bigger role. I hope he get’s his own BL series soon.

Anyway, the ending was so emotional. It was predictable but adorable. It was a happy ending as expected. Good job Earth, Mix, the rest of the cast and the men and women behin the show. You all did a great job. Kudos!

So, should you skip it or stream it? Definitely STREAM it!

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