8 Best BL Series in 2021

best bl series in 2021

Boys’ love series along with other LGBTQ+ series have been slowly but steadily climbing up our TV series watch lists. If you’ve ran out of TV series to watch and is looking for something a little different try these boys love-themed TV series that will surely make you cry and laugh and breakdown a little. … Read more

10 Best BL Series in 2020

10 Best BL Series in 2020

The year 2020 has just ended and it is time to make a list of our favorite BL series in the previous year. There were many BL series shown last year and it is quite challenging to come up with only 10 but here’s our top 10 best BL series in 2020. This is our … Read more

Upcoming BL Series [2020-2021]

Upcoming BL series 2020-2021

Looking for a list of the upcoming BL series? You’ve landed in the right place! This is our updated list of upcoming BL series in Thailand, the Philippines, Taiwan, and other countries. Some have airing dates in 2020, others will be shown in 2021. Please take note that some of these shows might be canceled … Read more

Cherry Magic The Series: 30 Years of Virginity Can Make You a Wizard?

Cherry Magic - a Japanese BL Series

So, I am glad I discovered this new Japan BL series adapted from a Japanese manga of the same title. It is currently airing on TV Tokyo at 1:00 AM every Friday. It is also available to stream via Tsutaya premium service in Japan. There is no official international release but there are “unofficial” videos … Read more