5 Popular Male Swimmers in Asia

One of the most popular Olympic individual and team racing sports is swimming. It requires the entire body to function and move gracefully using proper strategies. This sport can either take place in open water or pool, with several tricks like breaststroke, medley, backstroke, butterfly, and even freestyle. Get to know the five popular male swimmers in Asia by reading this article.

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Popular Male Swimmers in Asia

Daiya Seto (Japan)

First on the list is Daiya Seto, a Japanese swimmer who competes for butterfly, individual medley, freestyle, and breaststroke events. Seto has already bagged gold medals, including 2016, 2014, and 2012 individual medley and world short-course competitions, as well as 2015 and 2013 world long-course championships. 

5 Popular Male Swimmers in Asia  - Daiya Seto
Daiya Seto | Photo by Swimswam

It is without a doubt that this young man has become one of the most famous swimmers in this era. He started swimming when he was five years old, being inspired by Kim Paulo Fabay, his friend and inspiration in pursuing the swimming career.

Sun Yang (China)

Way back 2012 Olympic Games hosted by London, Sun Yang is one of the two male swimmers who received a gold medal. He impresses everyone with his record-breaking winnings of 1,500, 800, and 400 meters freestyle. Yang is also famous in Asia for being the first Chinese to win a world record using a non-high technology or textile swimsuit. This award is the first in 50 years, the reason why entire China celebrated it with him. 

Sun Yang
Sun Yang | Photo by AFP

Sun Yang embraces one philosophy in his sports, and that is, “You succeed when you believe that you can succeed.” Believing in his capabilities and using them for a great purpose has brought him to success.

Yan Zibei (China)

Yan Zibei, also known as Zibei Yan, is a breaststroke swimmer from China. He was only 20 when he had his swimming debut, and won a World Championship soon after a year. If you are a swimming fan and have heard of the record-breaking 26.86 seconds, Yan Zibei is the holder of this Asian record that made him one of the most popular male swimmers in history.

Yan Zibei
Yan Zibei | China Daily

Joseph Schooling (Singapore)

Joseph Isaac Schooling is a gold medalist in the 2016 Olympics butterfly event. Schooling is the one who bagged the very first Olympic medal of Singapore in swimming. Well, Joseph is not the only one in the family who participated in the same game. His grand-uncle, Lloyd Valberg, also joined the Summer Olympics in 1984 and has been the first inspiration of Schooling to pursue swimming. 

Joseph Schooling
Joseph Schooling | Photo by AP

Last 2018, Schooling already launched his swimming school known as “Swim Schooling,” which is handled by May Schooling, his mother. 

Keisuke Yoshida (Japan)

Last but never the least on this list is another Japanese swimmer, Keisuke Yoshida. He competes locally and internationally, bearing the Japan flag. His most recent victory is the 400 meters freestyle in the Universiade competition way back 2019. However, Yoshida also competes in 4×200 meters freestyle, 4×100 meters relay mixed, and 200 to 800 meters freestyle.

Keisuke Yoshida
Keisuke Yoshida | Getty Images

Both for professional and amateur swimmers, following the footsteps and philosophies of Asia’s popular male swimmers, is a big leap to success. They just believed in what they can do, and they keep on swimming. 

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