Looking for the best Filipino BL series to watch? Check out our list of the past, ongoing, and upcoming Filipino BL series you should watch. Most of these series have mixed reviews so if you have watched any of these, let us know in the comment section what do you think.


“This is the story of live game streamer Cairo and his fan, Gavreel, whom he meets when they compete on an online game. The unknown gamer Angel2000 (Gavreel) wins against the popular gamer, Caimazing. They start off as rivals, but will their relationship blossom into friendship … or perhaps even into something more?” – The IdeaFirst Company Youtube Channel

Episodes: 13
Aired: May 22, 2020 – Sep 13, 2020
Where to watch: The IdeaFirst Company Youtube Channel
Starring: Kokoy de Santos & Elijah Canlas
Director: Ivan Andrew Payawal


“As the world becomes increasingly accepting of the many forms of romance, here comes a distinctive tale of love that is bound to sweep across the only Christian country in Asia.” – VinCentiments Youtube Channel

Episodes: 8
Aired: May 31, 2020 – Jul 19, 2020
Where to watch: VinCentiments Youtube Channel
Starring: Clifford Pusing & Henry Villanueva
Director: Darryl Yap


Hello Stranger is Black Sheep’s first digital series, directed by Petersen Vargas and starring Tony Labrusca and JC Alcantara, with Gillian Vicencio, Vivoree Esclito, Patrick Quiroz and Miguel Almendras.

It is about the story of Mico who is forced to be partners with Xavier, a star basketball player, for a school project. Over time, these two boys form an unlikely bond that goes beyond friendship.

Episodes: 8
Aired: June 28, 2020 – August 19, 2020
Where to watch: Black Sheep Youtube Channel
Starring: Tony Labrusca & JC Alcantara
Director: Petersen Vargas


“This is a story of how a young guy named Mark, a wannabe scriptwriter, turned his boring hours, days, weeks and months of quarantine life into quaranflinging. Trying to be creative with the script he is writing, what he thought would be fun brought him back to a time in his life that never had closure. Wait, what?! How? Why?” – JACE TV Youtube Channel

Episodes: 5
Aired: Jun 8, 2020 – Jul 4, 2020
Where to watch: JACE TV Youtube Channel
Starring: Marky Erasga & Wex Andre
Director: Gab Torres


“The most important part in a relationship is not the hello or the goodbye but the In Between. This is about the boys’ love (BL) story of Taurus and Otep.” – USPHTV Youtube Channel

Episodes: 14
Aired: Jul 11, 2020 – Oct 10, 2020
Where to watch: USPHTV Youtube Channel
Starring: Miguel Villasis & Genesis Redido
Director: Brilliant V. Juan


“The story revolves around Thirdy a live streamer who crosses paths with his old friend Bench. Together with the live audience, the two rediscover love through cyberspace.” – Firestarters Studios Youtube Channel

Episodes: 8
Aired: Jul 20, 2020 – Sep 7, 2020
Where to watch: Firestarters Studios Youtube Channel | Kumu App
Starring: Sky Quizon & Kristof Garcia
Director: Real Florido


“A romantic comedy series about a young determined culinary intern named Sky making his way into a multi-billion-dollar food company. Find out how he survived the challenges and won the heart of his wicked boss Ace.” – Oxin Films Youtube Channel

Episodes: 14
Aired: Ongoing (Aug 8, 2020 – Nov 14, 2020)
Where to watch: Oxin Films Youtube Channel
Starring: Aki Torres & Miko Gallardo
Director: Xion Lim

AMORE (Based on a True to Life Filipino BL Story)

“Two college dorm mates (Joey and Jimmy) tried to hide a baby inside the boys dormitory. While studying, they both decided to secretly take care of the baby, but also became secretly in love with each other.” – Amore Facebook Page

Episodes: 30
Aired: Ongoing (Aug 7, 2020 – Mar 3, 2021)
Where to watch: Star Image Digital Network Youtube Channel
Starring: Drei Arias, Erwin Buenaventura, Ivan Sarte, French Solano & Jules Indiola
Director: Jodi Garcia


“Love in the time of a pandemic. While it’s certainly not the best time to go out, meet someone and fall in love, Key and Chen find each other in the middle of the enhanced community quarantine and connect in ways that surprise them both. As they get to know each other despite the restrictions, challenges and even dangers stemming from the pandemic, something very special starts to blossom between them. In a time when we’re forced to keep apart from each other, does love have the power to connect us?” – Ticket2Me Youtube Channel

Episodes: 6
Aired: Ongoing (Oct 15, 2020 – Nov 19, 2020)
Where to watch: Ticket2Me Youtube Channel
Starring: Ali King & Alec Kevin
Director: Jade Castro


“Karl has his semestral break all planned out: move into his uncle’s apartment; save enough money for rent; and learn to live independently. But everything changes when a mysterious neighbor trespasses inside his unit.” – Globe Studios Youtube Channel

Episodes: 8
Aired: Ongoing (Sep 25, 2020 – Nov 13, 2020)
Where to watch: Globe Studios Youtube Channel
Starring: Ian Pangilinan & Paolo Pangilinan
Director: JP Habac


“MY EXTRAORDINARY is the 1st Filipino #BoysLove (BL) series on national television. It is a tender story about innocence, friendship, the beauty of awakening desire, acceptance and how time heals all wounds.” –

Episodes: 8
Aired: Ongoing (Sep 27, 2020 – Nov 15, 2020)
Starring: Enzo Santiago & Darwin Yu
Director: Jolo Atienza
Where to watch:
SUNDAY: 11:00 PM – TV5 (television)
11:00 PM – TV5.com.ph (livestream)
11:30 PM – YouTube channel of AsterisK Digital Entertainment
TUESDAY: 11:00 PM – GagaOOLala (5 days-in-advance premiere of brand-new episode except for episodes 1 and 8)


“Quaranthings: The Series follows the friendship of two boys, and the love that will blossom between them while on community quarantine. During the lockdown, those who could, went home. All four housemates of Judah and Rocky did. To each other’s surprise, they who’ve never even had a real conversation were left behind. Now they’re left with nothing. The overachieving and competitive Judah can’t go to school, while the hardworking and street-smart breadwinner Rocky is left without his various odd jobs. Unable to do the things that give them meaning, can they survive being alone together?” – Ride or Die Youtube Channel

Episodes: 8
Aired: Ongoing (Sep 4, 2020 – Oct 23, 2020)
Where to watch: Ride or Die Youtube Channel
Starring: Royce Cabrera, Kyo Quijano, Ms. Gina Pareño, Jan Silverio and Karl Zarate
Director: Pancho Maniquis


Oh My Gee! is an upcoming Pino boys’ love (BL) series showing this 2020.

Episodes: TBD
Aired: Upcoming
Where to watch: Oh My Gee Official Youtube Channel
Starring: Jam Morales & Adrian Dionisio / Niel Padilla & Christian Geca
Director: Erique Mendoza


An upcoming Pinoy BL series about Tristan and Harvey.

Episodes: TBD
Aired: Upcoming
Where to watch: PrimeTVPH Youtube Channel
Starring: Kristoffer Kelly Mendoza & Jeys Mariano


“Better Days’ tells the story of two childhood friends who use their talents as a blogger and chef to revive the restaurant their parents built.” – Carlo Obispo

Episodes: TBD
Aired: Upcoming
Where to watch: Unframed Film Youtube Channel
Starring: Chester Chua & Benedix Ramos
Director: Carlo Obispo


An upcoming Pinoy BL series of iWant TV.

Episodes: TBD
Aired: Upcoming
Where to watch: iWant TV
Starring: Alex Diaz & Kokoy de Santos
Director: Eduardo Roy Jr.


An upcoming Filipino BL series from Asterisk Digital Entertainment Youtube Channel and TV5

Episodes: 12
Aired: Upcoming
Where to watch: Asterisk Digital Entertainment Youtube Channel and TV5
Starring: Z Mejia & Christian Estrada


An upcoming Filipino BL series from Asterisk Digital Entertainment Youtube Channel and TV5

Episodes: TBD
Aired: Upcoming
Where to watch: Asterisk Digital Entertainment Youtube Channel and TV5
Starring: Z Mejia & Christian Estrada


“Joey is a sweet young man, who lacks physical charms and pursues a career in music, specializing in music education. He has dreams especially for his family. One day, Joey falls asleep and dreams that he is in a beautiful place. In his dream, he found someone handsome, tall, and physically fit, who turns out to be Joey’s dreamboy named Kenneth. Who is that boy? Is he real or is he just a dream? This is the love story of Joey and the man of his dreams.” – DREAMLINE Digital TV Twitter

Episodes: TBD
Aired: Upcoming
Where to watch: Dreamline DigiTV Youtube Channel
Starring: John Vitor, Marvin Aoyang, Jonathan Ivan Rivera, John Medina & Elijah Llevares
Director: Keneth Laurie

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