13 Must-Watch Pinoy BL Series

So, after a long hiatus, I am back! I stopped watching BL series because I had to focus on the new venture I started. But, anyway, in the past 5 days, I have been binge-watching on Filipino BL series. And, this is the list of must-watch Pinoy BL series I came up with. This is in a particular order based on my preference so it might be different from your list. Nevertheless, I believe that these are all worth it to watch. I must admit that I had a hard time ranking these Pinoy BL series. Seriously, they’re all binge-worthy!

Some of these Pinoy BL series are still ongoing so I rank them based on the episodes that I have watched so far. If you think I’ve missed something, let me know in the comment section below.

The Best Pinoy BL Series


Truly Very Yours is a mini-series about Mark, a wannabe scriptwriter. It has only 5 short episodes and I actually thought that I’d pass after watching the first few minutes of the pilot episode. I gave it a chance though and I ended up watching the whole series. I had actually fun listening to the lines from the movies.

Where to watch: JACE TV Youtube Channel


Kumusta Bro is unique and innovative. It is definitely something different from the usual BL series we see. I enjoyed watching it although I admit I skipped some scenes. I like the chemistry between Thirdy and Bench. The ending was realistic and I think it is what Thirdy deserves. He needs to focus on his own self, then find love again. I can smell a second season for this interactive BL series.

Where to watch: Firestarters Studios Youtube Channel | Kumu App


The premise of the story of this Pinoy BL series is somehow controversial but it actually pulled off the message. The only issue I have with this Filipino BL series is the poor acting of the lead cast. Sorry, but they were lame. Thanks to the support casts, they somehow manage to elevate the whole series. What I really love about this BL series is the OST and the musical scoring. It’s superb!

Where to watch: VinCentiments Youtube Channel


Well, I had high expectations of Hello Stanger and it kinda did not meet my expectations. I know there are limitations and challenges when it comes to filming because of the pandemic but I just find it too “safe” and conservative. Don’t get me wrong, I had a good time watching it and I still appreciate the people behind it. I was just looking for more in terms of the plot and storyline. I guess this is the problem when you put popular actors in a Pinoy BL series. There are limitations to the story and the acts the leads can do.

Where to watch: Black Sheep Youtube Channel


Quaranthings has a different take on the BL series. It’s quite unusual because it’s more of a relationship between a gay and a straight/confused man. I love Beshie’s role because he’s always on point. He definitely made the series more interesting with his words of wisdom to Judah. We’ll definitely learn something from this BL series.

Where to watch: Ride or Die Youtube Channel


I must say, I like this Pinoy BL series. In Between’s final scene made my cry. it was kinda unexpected and it’s just full of love. The plot, the storyline, and the characters were relatable. The only thing I think they can improve is the acting skills. Maybe they need more workshops but kudos to the team behind this Filipino BL series.

Where to watch: USPHTV Youtube Channel


Amore is a slow-paced BL series but it has an interesting storyline. It feels like watching a stage play. I am looking forward to how the story of each character unfolds. I envy Joey. He has four, I have no one! Hahaha. Personally, I am for #TeamWil but I got a feeling his character will become an antagonist. I hope I am wrong.

Where to watch: Star Image Digital Network Youtube Channel


This is a new Pinoy BL series and it’s still on its pilot episode but it looks promising. I felt the chemistry between Key and Chen. I hope it lives up to my expectations, otherwise will have to rank it lower. Looking forward to the remaining episodes.

Where to watch: Ticket2Me Youtube Channel

5. BEN x JIM

Ben x Jim is a new Pinoy BL series produced by Regal Entertainment. It stars Jerome Ponce and Teejay Marquez, childhood friends who were separated for years. The first two episodes are very interesting especially the”wifey” scene. Hahaha. I kinda feel there’s going to be an irritating antagonist in this BL and I hope I am wrong.


My Day the series is one of the top of my list of the best Pinoy BL series that I have watched. It’s steamy but the sexy scenes were done with taste. It’s sexy but not vulgar. I love the tandem of Sky and Ace. They are both amazing actors. I love their chemistry. What I didn’t really enjoy is the side stories, especially the one with Moira. To me, it really doesn’t add value to the series. But, yeah, this is nice. I am so looking forward to the next episode.

EDIT: After watching episode 11, I am ranking it lower and switch place with Gaya sa Pelikula. I am quite dissappointed with the turnout of events. I am really not a fan of toxic characters and scenes.

Where to watch: Oxin Films Youtube Channel


My extraordinary has a different vibe. I don’t know but I got hooked when I watched the pilot episode. I like the plot and how Ken and Shake subtly fall for each other.I mean, you can definitely see there is something going on between the two of them. There were no words yet, but when Ken held Shake’s hand in the theater, I felt the love.

Where to watch: YouTube channel of AsterisK Digital Entertainment


As of this writing, Gaya sa Pelikula is still on its 4th episode so it’s still half-way through so a lot can happen. But, as of now, it is my fourth most favorite Pinoy BL series. I love the chemistry between Vlad and Karl. The “Hey, neighbor” scene was so hot! I am looking forward to the next episode.

EDIT: After episode 5, I am ranking Gaya sa Pelikula higher to the second spot.

Where to watch: Globe Studios Youtube Channel


Game Boys is the first Pinoy BL series I watched and it did not disappoint me. I had no expectations whatsoever but it instantly became my favorite Filipino BL series. The chemistry between Cairo and Gavreel is on point. I love the OST, the musical scoring, the plot, the actors, the acting, and the whole direction of the show.

The simplicity of the plot made it easy to follow. The conflict introduced here and there fit the story line. Also, I believe that Pearl’s character was an intgegral part of the success of the series. She’s amazing. Seriously, we all need a Pearl in our lives.

Game Boys made me sad after it ended. Yes, I had separation anxiety after watching it. I want more. I want a second season!

Where to watch: The IdeaFirst Company Youtube Channel

PS: I am listening to the OST of Game Boys while writing this blog. Replay, replay, replay!

Did I miss something? Let me know in the comment below.

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  1. In game boy there is a part 2 but the story in part 2 is all about mayora pearl and i think that’s a gl series. That series is good too try it❤️


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