Today, we’re going to talk about my favorite BL series of all time. These are BL series made in Thailand, Taiwan, and Mainland China. I am a newbie when it comes to BL but the current pandemic has made me a fanatic of this genre. So, without further ado, here’s my list of 15 best BL series of all time.

15: Bangkok Love Story: Innocence

It’s basically the first BL series I watched. It’s not entirely a BL series. It features stories of different couples, one of them is the story of Keaton and Simon.  Some scenes were quite boring but the whole series is quite entertaining, so, yes it is worth watching.

14: Why R U?

This Thai BL series has just ended. It started good and went a little crazy towards the middle episodes. There were just so many things going on that I was left wondering where the series is actually heading. But anyway, it’s still a good series but the storyline could have been better. 

13: Love by Chance

To be honest, I am not a fan of Pete and Ae. I am more of a TinCan fan. I feel like their love story and characters are far more interesting than the main couple. Fortunately, LBC 2 will focus on TinCan’s story so I am looking forward to it.

12: He’s Coming to Me

I feel like He’s Coming to Me is an underrated BL series. The plot is quite different from the usual Thai-made series. The storyline is interesting, although I really didn’t see the chemistry between Singto and Ohm. Maybe because I am a Singrist Fan. Hahaha

11: Together With Me

Together With Me is probably one of the most steamy BL series I’ve watched. The chemistry between Korn and Knock is on point. The presence of  Yihwa also made it more interesting. I wish I have a Yihwa in my life. Hahaha. What I didn’t like is Plern. She’s a toxic antagonist that made Knock stupid. Like wtf!

10: Theory of Love

The Theory of Love is one of the most relatable Bl series I’ve watched. You know, unrequited love. I know most of us do not get a happy ending but Third and Khai got theirs so I am happy for them. LOL. I am not a fan of Off and Gun so this is only my number 10. The OST is one of the best in all series I have watched, especially Getsunova’s Fake Protagonist.

9: HIStory3: Trapped

HIStory3: Trapped is not your typical BL series. The plot is quite different from the usual BL series we see. It’s a romantic-comedy, action BL. It’s full of utterly thrilling scenes. It won’t bore you, I promise you.

8: HIStory2: Crossing the Line

HIStory2: Crossing the Line is the first Taiwanese BL series I have watched and it did not disappoint me. The chemistry between Fan and Zach is adorable. I love both of them. I wish there’s a second season but I read somewhere that HIStory will not have a new season. I think there was some issue with one of the producers but it’s really difficult to know the real deal.

7: 2 Moons The Series

The tandem of Bas and God in 2 Moons The Series is just so adorable. When I learned that they have been replaced for the second season, I was sad. To me, they are perfect for the roles. The acting needed improvement though.

6: Dark Blue Kiss

Tay and New is such a phenomenal BL couple. They perfectly blend as a couple. If you want a background of how Pete and Kao’s story started, you should watch Kiss Me Again first. I wish we have Pete’s father and Kao’s mother who fully accept their son’s choices unconditionally.

5: 2Gether the Series

Now on it’s second to the last episode, 2gether the series is probably the most talked-about Thai BL series. Thanks to Bright and Win who gave justice to their roles as Sarawat and Tine respectively. The season finale will be on May 15. I am kinda excited about how it will end but I am pretty sure it will be a happy ending.

4: Sotus

Okay, first I am a fan of Singto and Krist. Their chemistry is undeniably amazing. Even if Sotus has very limited kissing scenes and no bed scene, still the story will get you hooked to this series. The story isn’t complicated and it’s easy to follow. You’ll definitely enjoy each episode of Sotus. 

3: Until We Meet Again

Until We Meet Again has quite a unique plot with exceptional acting and tackles social issues we are currently facing like love, friendship, suicide, homophobia, among others. It’s basically a story about love, forgiveness, and pain in between. 

2: TharnType

Mew and Gulf’s chemistry is one of the reasons TharnType is my number  1 Thai BL series and second overall. I know there are dark scenes in the series, but I do not overthink.  There are some toxic scenes but, overall, it’s still one of the best BL series that is worthy of binge-watching.

1: Addicted [Heroin]

And down to my number 1 favorite BL series – Addicted! It is undeniably one of the best BL series in Asia. It was made in China and unfortunately got banned before it ended. The chemistry of the two lead stars is really overflowing. The storyline is great and the official soundtrack is simply the best. Unfortunately, the series got banned in China and the main actors, Timmy and Johnny were apparently prohibited in appearing on the same screen. Sad! WATCH THE FULL EPISODE OF ADDICTED.

Anyway, that’s it for today. If you think there are other BL series that should have been on this list, please let us know in the comment. Until next time! 

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