Located on the Persian Gulf, between Saudi Arabia and Iraq, Kuwait is a small oil-rich constitutional emirate with very hot summers and short, cool winters. It’s a country where about 70% of the population are foreign workers.

The capital city of Kuwait City features numerous tourist attractions such as museums, ornamented corniche, shopping complexes, restaurants, and luxurious resorts.

Kuwait Towers
Kuwait Towers | Photo by Francisco Anzola under creative commons

Key Facts About Kuwait

Location Located in the Middle East, bordering the Persian Gulf, between Iraq and Saudi Arabia
CapitalKuwait City
CurrencyKuwaiti Dinar
Currency Conversion1KWD = 3.29USD
ClimateKuwait has an arid climate with huge temperature difference between summer and dry winter
Population4.5 million (2019 est.)
ReligionMostly Muslims
LanguageArabic is the National Language

Tourist Attractions in Kuwait

  • Kuwait Towers
  • Liberation Tower
  • Al Kout Beach
  • Doha Village
  • Failaka Island
  • Kuwait Grand Mosque
  • Kuwait Water Towers
  • Green Island
  • House of Mirrors
  • Kubbar Island
  • Kuwait Zoo