Game Boys: A Filipino BL Series [Full Episodes with Eng Subs]

I kind regret that I wasn’t able to watch this when it came out. I was busy back then. Finally, I was able to watch Game Boys few days ago and I am so glad I did. It is now one of my favorite BL series. I love everything about it, the OST, plot, actors, acting, and musical scoring. The chemistry of Kokoy (Gavreel) and Elijah (Cairo) is on point. They’re a perfect pair.

In addition, Pearl’s character brough an additional value to the whole series. I need a Pearl in my life. No, WE all need a Pearl in our lives.

Game Boys has a simple story line so it’s easy to follow. I like that they really don’t dwell on toxic characters. After all, most of us watch BL series to chill. We want to be entertained and I think , at least for me I was. I had so much fun. I cried, I laugh, I fell in love with the leads. I really hope there is a second season. We deserve more. Hahaha

Game Boys Complete Season Episodes

Game Boys Episode 1: Pass or Play

Game Boys Episode 2: Game of Love

Game Boys Episode 3: Strangers Online

Game Boys Episode 4: One Who Is Victorious

Game Boys Episode 5: Thrill of the Chase

Game Boys Episode 6: Secret Party

Game Boys Episode 7: Elephant in the Room

Game Boys Episode 8: No Matter What

Game Boys Episode 9: Say It With Love

Game Boys Episode 10: Pass or Play 2

Game Boys Episode 11: Stay Strong Forever

Game Boys Episode 12: Jealousy in the Air

Game Boys Episode 13: Crossing the Line

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