Delving into Dhaka: Top Tourist Attractions in Dhaka

Dhaka, Bangladesh is a rich city. As the country’s capital and also among the world’s largest cities, it is the seat of both Bangladesh’s political power and its cultural heritage. Check out some of the top tourist attractions in Dhaka!

Featured Photo: Sadarghat River Port | Photo by Kritzolina under creative commons

Top Tourist Attractions in Dhaka

Dhakeshwari Temple

This is considered the most important Hindu temple in Bangladesh, and is also among the most important places of worship in the region. The name “Dhakeshwari” translates to “goddess of Dhaka”, and the glamour of this title is perfectly captured in its intricate architecture and designs. The temple was originally built in the 12th century, and while there have been some areas defaced during the extensive renovations, it remains one of the top tourist attractions in Dhaka. [Read our comprehensive Bangladesh Travel Guide]

Top Tourist Attractions in Dhaka, Bangladesh
Dhakeshwari Temple | Photo by Joe Coyle under creative commons

Lalbagh Fort

Started in the late 1600s and never completed based on its original design, the Lalbagh Fort is a combination of three buildings — a mosque, the tomb of a Mughal princess, and Diwan-i-Aam (a residence of Mughal governors). This fort is an incredible showcase of various architectural styles through the ages. A good part of the fort cannot be entered by the public, but those available for viewing are simply breathtaking.

Lalbagh Fort, Bangladesh | Photo by Diego Tirira under creative commons

Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque

More of an archaeological find than an actual mosque, this tourist attraction is near Lalbagh Fort, and is built sometime in the early 1700s. Aside from its beautiful architecture and its practical (if primitive) means of cooling the interior, this structure is worth a visit if only just for its vibrant depiction of Muslim life from the 18th century.

Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque
Khan Mohammad Mridha Mosque | Photo by SabbirAbeir under creative commons

Ahsan Manzil

This building was started in the late 1800s and the former official residence of the Nawab of Dhaka (the “Nawab” is a local royal title that was granted by the British royalty). The massive and intricate nature of building earned it a place as both an architectural wonder and a favorite of local officials. While its use died down in the mid 1900s, its historical values still makes it one of the top tourist attractions in Dhaka to date.

Ahsan Manzil, Bangladesh | Photo by Ariful Haque Bhuiyan under creative commons

Sadarghat River Port

Also known as the Port of Dhaka and located at the mouth of the Buriganga River, this is the busiest of all river ports in the country. While it doesn’t look much the part now due to modern-day pollution, the river used to be the lifeline of the Dhaka region and carries a historical significance.

Sadarghat River Port
Sadarghat River Port | Photo by Kritzolina under creative commons

Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban

The National Parliament Square is the official house of the nation’s Parliament and is among the largest of its kind in the world (at around 200 hectares). Completed in 1982, the Parliament Square showcases some remarkable modern-day architecture based on the historical elements of the country’s heritage.

Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban
Jatiya Sangsad Bhaban | Photo by Karl Ernst Roehl  under creative commons

Bangladesh National Museum

Of course, no tour of this kind is complete without a trip to the National Museum! Covering everything from exhibits of ethnic lineage to studies of civilization, the museum is an educational experience and an aesthetic pleasure.

Bangladesh National Museum
Bangladesh National Museum | Photo by Asufdc under creative commons

Dhaka may look like a bustling and chaotic place at first blush, but it certainly has a lot of beauty once you get to know its top tourist attractions better!

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