11 Best KDrama to Binge-Watch Right Now

If you’re running low on your daily KDrama vitamins, fret not because we’ll list down the hottest K series that you should watch out for right now. Prep yourself up for another all-nighter with the hottest oppas and noonas of Korea that will surely hit you right in the feels. Now grab your tissues because you know what they say in KDrama, too much drama is never enough.

Let’s start with a little light series (pun intended) about four unique and young aspiring entrepreneurs as they thread along the thin line that separates success and failure in the world of the advanced tech industry. The series entitled Start Up stars our bae Suzy Bae who plays Seo Dal Mi, Nam Do San played by the ever-gorgeous Nam Joo Hyuk, Han Ji Pyeong played by Kim Seon Ho, and Wo In Jae played by Kang Han Na.

If you’re into period drama the next one on our list is definitely for you. Empress Ki played by Ha Ji Won, is a story about a Korean warrior girl and her journey through love, war, and politics. If you’re looking for a series that has it all this is definitely just that. Filled with those oh-so-sweet scenes, heartbreaks, action, betrayal and a whole lot more, this series was by far one of the best acts of Ha Ji Won. *sniffs and heart breaks in Korean*

The CLOY era took everyone by storm and it’s not just a bandwagon trend I promise you that. Crash Landing on You did crush our hearts too. The story revolves around a Korean heiress and her paragliding accident which led her to crash land into a North Korean Army officer’s heart. Not literally but well, this seemingly star-crossed lovers series holds a soft spot in my heart.

This might be biased but whatever series or movie Song JoongKi is in is meant to be awesome and his role as Vincenzo was just as irresistible. It follows the story of our corn salad cassanova, I mean consigliere, Vincenzo Cassano, a Korean-Italian mafia lawyer who befriends a pigeon named Inzaghi and their adventure as they risk their lives protecting each other. Kidding. The story is about Vincenzo coming back to Korea to take back something that belongs to him after the death of the previous head of his mafia family and there he meets the strong-willed attorney Hong Cha Young as they play badass lawyers playing devils against evil enemies oppressing the poor tenants of Geumga Plaza.

Next on our list is Hotel King, a story about a hotel manager played by the handsome Lee Dong Wook who struggled as a child when he and his Mom were abandoned by his father and his plight to become his mentor’s enemy as he strived to protect the heiress of the only seven-star hotel in Korea named Ah Mo Ne played by Lee Da Hae who struggled to protect her father’s legacy. If you’re looking for twists and revelations, well, this one is definitely for you. Are the main leads that are bound to fall for each other siblings? I won’t tell you though. You got to watch it.

Reply 1988 is one of those series that just leaves that spot in your heart. Its follows the story of five friends whose families live in the same neighborhood in Ssangmundong in the nostalgic year of 1988 and their struggle to get through life and the experiences that they hold dear which they’ll carry for the rest of their lives. It’s sweet drama wrapped in very heartwarming family ties.

Now if you’re one of those people who want to fill a bucket of tears That Winter The Wind Blows is for you. It’s a straight-up painful series about a gambler played by Jo In Sung who became a con man and pretended to be the long-lost brother of a blind heiress played by Song Hye Kyo, who lives alone. They may have started off on the wrong foot but fate and love have different plans for them.

For the fantasy fanatics Goblin is a required watch I tell you. Age doesn’t matter when an immortal goblin played by Gong Yoo, who was a very capable general betrayed by his King in his mortal life finds his Goblin bride played by Kim Go Eun, who has the ability to see ghosts and the only person who could pull out the sword from the Goblin’s body and give him his long-yearned rest in the afterlife. Throw in some star-crossed romance between a grim reaper played by Lee Dong Wook and a store-owner played by Yoo In Na, this series is a well-rounded, jam-packed fantasy ride.

If you’re looking for the extreme of extremes try watching Sky Castle. The story revolves around five mothers and wives of successful men fight tooth and nail to ensure that their children will have the best of everything. Living in a luxurious building called Sky Castle, these mommas will stop at nothing to be the top of the elite and powerful.

Take a different point of view as It’s Okay Not To Be Okay tackles mental health in a refreshing and heart-wrenching series. With seemingly horror-themed macabre scenes of the first few episodes, you’ll be left asking more questions as the story probed into each character’s past.

If you’re looking for a series that just hits differently Itaewon Class is just the right fit for you. If Park Seo Joon in a chestnut hairstyle isn’t enough to convince you to watch this series, well the storyline offers a lot. It’s a revenge story, love story and an all in social commentary as a group of friends fight to take down a business mogul. Finding in the unlikeliest of places never got this sweet.

How many of these KDrama have you watched? What is your most favorite KDrama? Let us know in the comment section below if you think there are more KDramas that should be on this list.

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