Bahrain is a tiny country located in the Persian Gulf near the Arabian Peninsula. It has a total land area of 240 square miles or roughly around 620 square kilometers. The capital city of Manama is a major financial center in the Gulf with a thriving economy. The country’s climate is dry and humid most of the year with an average rainfall of just three inches a year.

Al Fateh Grand Mosque - Bahrain
Al Fateh Grand Mosque – Bahrain | Photo by Jacobs – Creative Bees under creative commons

Key Facts About Bahrain

Location Middle East, archipelago in the
Persian Gulf, east of Saudi Arabia
CurrencyBahraini Dinar
Currency Conversion1BHD = 2.65USD
ClimateArid; mild, pleasant winters; hot and humid summers
Population1.6 million (2019 est.)
LanguageArabic is the official language of
Bahrain, but English is also widely

Top Tourist Attractions in Bahrain

  • Bahrain National Museum
  • Al Fateh Grand Mosque
  • Qal’at al-Bahrain
  • Bab Al-Bahrain
  • Al Areen Wildlife Park
  • King Fahd Causeway
  • The Lost Paradise of Dilmun Water Park
  • Amwaj Islands
  • Arad Fort