10 Must-Watch Thai BL Movies

Are you looking for something worthwhile to do? If you are into Boys’ Love (BL) genre then I highly suggest you watch these Thai BL movies. Some of these will make you cry, others will make you laugh. But, one thing is for sure, these BL movies will make you fall in love.

How many of these movies have you watched? What is your favorite Thai BL movie? Let us know in the comment section below.

  1. Present Still Perfect

Present Still Perfect is the sequel of Present Perfect. I had high expectations for this movie since I loved the first installment but I was kinda disappointed with the script, storyline, and the whole direction of the movie. It just did not meet my expectations. Still, it’s worth watching and still on my top 10. I must say, Oat is way hotter in this sequel!!! Hahaha

Present Still Perfect
  1. The Blue Hour

The Blue Hour is not your typical Thai BL Drama, it is a gay romance-horror story about a bullied teenager who found love and affection with a young man in an abandoned swimming pool in the blue hour.

The Blue Hour
  1. Love’s Coming

Love’s Coming is a 2014 Thai BL movie about a group of schoolboys who suspect that two people in their circle are in love with each other. It has a simple storyline with no big twists making it easy to comprehend. It’s basically a story of friendship and romance. The casts did a good job portraying their roles.

Love's Coming
  1. My Bromance

My Bromance is another 2014 Thai BL Drama about the story of a young man from a wealthy family but has never felt loved by his parents. He then met his step-brother, Bank after his father re-married. They had a bitter beginning but then things start to get better and found love beyond being siblings.

It was a pretty movie until their parents found out about their relationship. The melodrama took over and then, boom, a shocking and sad ending.

  1. Waterboyy The Movie

Waterboyy (not to be confused with the series of the same title) is a 2015 Thai BL Movie about Nam, a talented and handsome young swimmer from Hua Hin. He meets Muek, a young swimmer from Bangkok who became his roommate. Then, love happens. It’s a romantic BL movie with a pretty story but kinda gets messy towards the end. Overall, I personally like it. The chemistry of Nam and Meuk was on point.

Waterboyy The Movie
  1. Dew the Movie

Dew the Movie is a 2019 Thai BL movie about two high school students who fell for for each other in an era where homosexuality wasn’t accepted. They eventually had to separate only to find each other after 23 years. I like the first part of the movie but I was not really hooked on its later part. I am not just into the whole reincarnation thing. Still, a nice BL movie to watch.

Dew the Movie
  1. How to Win at Checkers

How to Win at Checkers (Evey Time) goes beyond the usual Thai BL Drama. It’s actually more a movie that tackles social issues more than romance. It’s a dark movie so if you do not want a sad and disturbing plot, then you should just avoid this. Its bittersweet climax will really get into you.

How to Win at Checkers (Evey Time) - A Thai BL drama
  1. Love Next Door

Love Next Door (2013) and Love Next Door 2 (2015) are probably two of the most steamy Thai BL movie. The sequel’s story is not related to the first installment. The first one lacks a good story but it was entertaining to watch. You don’t have to really think, it’s not complicated at all.

Love Next Door 2 is way better than the first one. It will make you fall in love and laugh at the same time.

  1. Present Perfect

Present Perfect is a 2017 Thai BL movie shot in Higashikawa, Japan. It’s a story of Toey who’s on a painful breakup and Oat who is about to get married. They accidentally met during their solo trips. From strangers, they became friends, then a spark happened.

It’s like going on a trip to heal your broken heart, then, you find someone. You fall in love again only to get hurt, again. How can you move on? It really got into me that’s why I was looking forward to the sequel. But, as I said above, I had high expectations. It kinda disappointed me.

Present Perfect is a 2017 Thai BL movie
  1. Love of Siam

Well, Love of Siam is a 2007 classic Thai BL movie. This is the first Thai BL movie that I watched and it really made an impact on me. It revolves around the story of Tong and Mew who became friends but got separated and met again later in life and rediscover their feelings towards each other.

While I consider this a masterpiece, I just can’t help with being sad because of the ending. It’s realistic though. It’s a story of friendship, love, and compromise.

There you go, this is our top 10 Thai BL movies. Did we miss something? Let us know in the comment section below.


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